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Setup and configuration on Microsoft SQL Server

Creating and empty SQL Server database

Check that server is configured to accept native authentication.
If native authentication is disabled the application will get the error "Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" when trying to connect to SQL Server.

Enable TCP/IP connections using SQL Server Client Network Utility.

Create a new database from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Open SQL Query Analyzer, switch to master database and execute:
In case that ARITHABORT is not properly set, the Setup Wizard will get the following error "[SQLServer 2005 Driver for JDBC][SQLServer]INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'ARITHABORT'"

PPT Step by step guide for setting up SQL Server on Windows (PowerPoint)

Setup on SQL Server Express Edition

hipergate may run on SQL Server Express RTM, although it is not recommended for production environments.
For using SQL Server Express:
• Get SQL Server 2012 Express with tools from
• Execute self installer.

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