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Setup and configuration on PostgreSQL

Setup of PostgreSQL 8.4 on CentOS 6

Logged in as root execute from the command line:

# yum install postgresql84 postgresql84-server postgresql84-contrib
# service postgresql initdb
# service postgresql start
# su postgres
# createdb -E UNICODE hipergate7
# createuser knowgate
# grant all on database hipergate7 to knowgate
# psql hipergate7
hipergate7=# CREATE LANGUAGE plpgsql

Additional notes about configuration of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL must be listening TCP/IP requests. For enabling TCP/IP edit postgresql.conf file and add:
tcpip_socket = true
virtual_host = ''
port = 5432

Language plpgsql must be installed before performing the initial creation of the data model with the Setup Wizard.
For checking whther plpgsql is installed execute: select lanname from pg_language

The database must be created with UNICODE character set, otherwise the error "SQLException 42P01 ERROR: relation k_x_app_workarea does not exist will be raised".

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